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Convert me to your politics
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Think your political ideals are the best? Think you know what's going on? Great! Share your beliefs with us and convert the masses to your cause!

Don't know much about politics and want to hear from different viewpoints? This is the place for you.

The idea for this community was blatantly stolen from convert_me. They deal with religion, we deal with politics. So, if you'd like to find a new religion, head on over to convert_me

Community Rules

* Honor thy fellow members
If you don't show respect, then you don't deserve it. Personal attacks/insults have no place in a debate or discussion between two intellectual people.
* Thou Shalt Not Delete
Please do not delete posts or comments unless they are duplicates.
* Thou Shalt Not Spam
Posting pictures of porn is another good way to get yourself banned. This is a family forum, people. Treat it like one.

* Trolls will be tolerated... until they break the rules.
* Anonymous posts will be tolerated... until they break the rules.

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